La bohème – an absinthe speer for Grolsch

During the course Design & Emotion the assignment was to create a speer for Grolsch. The assignment was given by Cartils. A speer is a mix between a beer and a spirit, the term mix is used very losely here because it can mean anything from an actual mix to flavouring. Furthermore the goal of the design within this course was to emphasize experiental aspects such as emotions, needs and status of users.
Absinthe has been surrounded by controversy and infamy for the past century, with this in mind I tried to design a speer which embodied a bohemian lifestyle. The speer is named La bohème because the green absinthe of this speer owes most of its history to France.
For the course a bottle, glass and bottle opener were designed as well as a promotional poster, prototypes of the bottle and opener were made for the presentation too.
The poster is styled similarly to the Grolsch Radler promotional material since La bohème and Radler share a similar ownable history and to incorporate some of the Grolsch brand language, for this reason a logo was made with Grolsch lettering. The bottle, opener and glass were made to look like the bottle, spoon and glass used when drinking absinthe. Furthermore for the the course, models of the bottle and opener were made from foam and metal.

mindmap openera2-poster-final-freddy


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