SONY – overhead surround sound speakers

This assignment covered two courses, namely Evolutionary Product Development Research and Evolutionary Product Development Design. The first required research into the history of a specific technology/product and from there using the theory of Product Phase Analysis (Arthur O. Eger 2013) predict the next iteration that could be introduced to market within a year. The second course aimed to design this next iteration for Sony using a specific brand language or portfolio style.
For the research part of this course I chose to focus on Home cinema system technology, looking mainly at Dolby playback technology. The redesign was done for the SONY BDV-7100W which uses SONY’s Sense of Quartz design language. Research showed that while cinema sound is going 3D with overhead and height sound channels common home cinema systems are still 2D with most speakers located at ear height for someone sitting down.
Despite height audio channels already exist for playback, as of Dolby Pro Logic II. My aim was to add overhead speakers which would not be unsightly or require any altering of the ceiling to hang up as well as using the same manufacturing techniques used for the existing SONY BDV-7100W. To this end the speakers are hung up with a rail system and look similar to the existing speakers.
The course was rapped up with two reports one covering the research the other the design, a physical model of the finished design was also made. Only the new overhead speakers were redesigned and worked out. The design is done in a similar style to the existing speakers and the SONY Sense of Quartz brand language.

pictures render sony-new


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