toto keukenhulp – a novel kitchen appliance


As part of an open assignment in the master track Design & Styling I competed in a design challenge for the Dutch discount retail chain HEMA. The goal: to design something new and innovative for in the kitchen, something that does not exist yet. This design had to be completed taking into account the target group and positioning of HEMA as well as their brand language.
The inspiration for the toto keukenhulp comes from the modular smartphone. The design seeks to solve a storage problem, namely not having the utensils you need close at hand. The design has modules specific to: knives, cooking utensils, herbs and some other common kitchen items. I also sought to make the design more engaging in use than existing storage systems. The finished product is a totem pole consumers can put together themselves, with the storage they need.
To this end modules will be available individually if the consumer only needs more herb storage they could settle for two herb racks. The totem can then be built on the foot, capped with the top and be placed anywhere in the kitchen. The design was first drawn, then in order to gage sizes more intuitively a paper mock-up was made. SolidWorks drawings were made to create a physical model of the cooking utensil module. For the technical part of the challenge technical specifications and a cost price prediction were made.
The deliverables of the course were a report, phyiscal model and short stand-alone presentation. The presentation is in Dutch and styled after the HEMA brand language. The scope and available time did not allow for much detailing and so the herb rack has not been fully detailed.

pictures uitgewerkt1


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