Taking Stock – a virtual reality system for stakeholder feedback

As part of a group design assignment for the course Virtual Reality a multi-disciplinary team of designers had to design a virtual reality tool which could aid in any part of a production process. Anything from designing to manufacturing and the service industry was available for potential improvement with virtual reality solutions. The goal of the assignment was to create a prototype and test the proposed solution.
With a group of 4 designers we thought of Taking Stock, a forum like platform which incorporated some virtual reality tools to allow for continuous feedback and input from consumers and stakeholders. To this end we described a utopian design process as receiving appropriate feedback/input at the right time. The platform had to allow for complete communication of ideas and the sorting of information in relevant and irrelevant as well as good and bad ideas.
This sorting was done with a like and dislike system for posts, users also had a reputation.
Our envisioned concept was a system that provides input from people not directly associated with the project, so what better way to test this then to ask participants to evaluate our project with our prototype. The test took place in the course of half an hour, with nine participants. The participants were encouraged to participate actively. A lot of content was generated by users and although the system for rating users and posts allowed us to filter some information more test are required to look at the legitimicy of our chosen solution.
The prototype website is unfortunately no longer online. The following images are a rough idea of the concept and webpage layout.

Partners: Yannick Donner, Tim Mulder and Sam van der Werf


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