Range Rover boot – a boot with Range Rover brand language

For the course Graphic Language of Products the aim was to analyse a brand’s product portfolio and design a boot in line with the brand language. The idea being that by copying certain explicit “values” associated with a brand the implicit values will also be expressed. These explicit “values” are visual style elements and were divided into three categories: 2 dimensional, 2.5 dimensional and 3 dimensional.
The chosen brand was Range Rover, a manufacturer of luxury SUVs. The product history was analysed, showcasing the history of the Range Rover, from the initial inception of Land Rover, which would later build the Range Rover brand, to such visual factors as the iconic Range Rover “Barrel-side”.
Using additional tools like an identity prism, brand translation prism, design format analysis and a shape study of the Range Rover 3 we described the explicit values which materialize the implicit values: luxury and class, a determined look, strength and power, control of the environment and heritage & pedigree.
For each category a boot redesign was created and for the 2 dimensional category a physical boot model was made. A visual report was made showing and describing the methods and theory used.


 Partner: Sam van der Werf


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