AH Excellent meal salad – a packaging redesign for AH

As part of a packaging design and management course, a primary food packaging had to be redesigned incorporating some non-food product in a secondary packaging and being conscious of pallet size for a tertiary packaging. For every level of packaging product visibility, brand, legislation, printing etc. had to be considered. The goal was to design, from the ground up, a packaging that was conscious of the entire design process, basically a design conscious of all aspects governing a real packaging design.
The product chosen for the redesign is an Albert Heijn (AH) Meal Salad named: “gegrilde kip sesam, noodle salade”. The non-food item added to this is chopsticks. The AH Meal Salad is part of the “Excellent” AH brand and is an upmarket brand for food that provides a unique culinary experience to customers.
For the Salad packaging the legislation for packing chicken was considered. The barrier properties required for storing salad, noodles and chicken for a short period of time are a high moisture barrier and a high oxygen barrier. The container is injection molded polypropylene, it is sealed with a PET/CPPpeel for a five day shelf life.
The Sauce packaging uses a patent (US5996845) and is stored within the Salad packaging. It is low density polyethylene that has been thermoformed and laminated with an aluminum coating to improve the moisture barrier and oxygen barrier and avoid spoiling of the salad.
The Ensemble packaging is 250gr/m2 GC2 board. The size is roughly 20 x 20 cm, allowing the boxes to be nicely stored in tertiary packaging and fit a pallet. The Tertiary packaging is made to fit a pallet and half pallet trolley, which is used by AH employees when restocking the supermarket shelves. The case style is FEFCO 0201 made from corrugated board.
Deliverables of the assignment were a technical presentation, viewed here. Furthermore, an A3 poster had to be made for a small presentation in which the design was discussed in a packaging context. A cost price and technical drawings were also required.


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