Grolsch – reusable off-trade 50cl can display

The assignment for Grolsch was to create a “sustainable and re-usable rolling action display” for 50cl cans in supermarkets and other off-trade. The focus was on improving recycling, use or storage of these types of displays.
To achieve the purpose of this design challenge a different material was chosen, namely ECOR. This material is cradle to cradle. It is made of recycled fibre which is light weight and strong. The cradle to cradle nature of the material provided the idea for “upcycling”of the display. Upcycling is a cradle to cradle term meaning: with every reuse a product becomes a nicer or better product. To this end the ECOR Alchemy Decorative Tiles are used. These tiles have real copper on them and rust just like real copper. Some parts of the display would then be coated in copper, in a similar fashion to the Alchemy Decorative Tiles, which would slowly rust on the display creating a beautiful turquoise hue and a real feeling of authenticity.
The areas coated in copper here are the brewing vats.
To fit the different looks of copper two seasonal beers were chosen, namely an autumn Bock beer and a spring Bock beer. These beers additionally mean the display is used (at least) twice a year.
The display is made of customizable elements and a standard base. The standard base has the rusting copper parts, the customizable elements are made of cheap and easily disposed material which is more readily replaceable to fit whatever latest trend is going on in the brewing industry.
Deliverables to Grolsch for the design challenge were an A4 with all the details.The ECOR material used here was suggested by Jos Oostendorp a packaging adviser of Grolsch. Additional info is in the A3 poster.


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