Freelance – selfiestick phone case


After my internship in China, I received some freelance. This project was the design of a selfie stick phone case. The time for concepting and detailing was limited to only 3 weeks. I was the only designer working on the selfie stick phone case.
The project went through a short concepting phase. The drawings shown below, show some functions and were shared with the client. The client made a choice which was detailed into the digital drawings also shown below. Concepts were created to explore additional functionality. These were also painted in Photoshop. Concept 3.3 was chosen and detailed into a 3d model with SolidWorks. This was animated using keyshot. The 3d model was then fleshed out to make it functional.
From the functional 3d model technical drawings were created for prototyping and production, an example is shown here.
Hereafter I left the project. I was asked to follow up and maintain a specification sheet during pre-production but I was starting an internship and would be pressed for time. This project shows typical Chinese design mentality: “Rush into a project and figure out the details later”. Before I started I had received no specifications on the type of smart phone that I would be creating a case for, nor any material or cost specifcations. China and Hong Kong projects are very organic in that sense. If a project looks like it will create a profit then the project will move forward, otherwise it is abandoned.

Early concepts.

concepts-visual-scan-03 concepts-visual-scan-02 concepts-visual-scan-01

Digital drawings of concepts & accessories.




v3.3v-3-3-final v-3-3-accessories


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