Master thesis – KLM and Technology Acceptance


My thesis can be divided into two parts. A literature review resulting from research done during the Employee Journey project at KLM and a board game to test the real time performance tool (RTPT).

The literature review covers Technology Acceptance  (TA) within KLM. TA analyzes the diffusion and use of a technology or information system. There are however many theories by which to do this analyzes. So first I tried to find the most recent model that best explains empirical results. This is an adaptation of the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT). Then I created a hierarchy of variables involved in use of technology and from there I created a cheat sheet specific to the KLM. The cheat sheet is additionally based on longitudinal research at KLM.

For testing RTPT a board game was created. This game, named the Board(ing) game, was a testing and presenting tool. It allowed for easy explanation and context of the tool, as well as realistic testing in real life scenarios. The game was created through an iterative design process. Involving laymen and KLM stakeholders to create an engaging and realistic game. The game incorporates familiar board game gameplay to enhance the game’s replay value.
The Board(ing) game as well as other elements are pictured below. The game was used twice to test and present the tool.The grade for my thesis was a 7. I got good marks for presenting, time management and incependence, but the report was lacking  a cohesive  story.

Partners: Vibhor Chopra, Saskia Doets and Eva van Kempen

The Board(ing) game.


Board(ing) game rules.

Digital concepts.

Playable sketch.


Modified UTAUT.




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