MediaLAB – the Employee Journey project


I did an internship at the MediaLAB. During the internship I worked in a four person group for KLM on the Employee Journey project. The internship is the design of a digital application for KLM’s Passenger Services. The application is named the Real Time Performance Tool (RTPT). The project research lead to the focus of my Master thesis and testing requirements for RTPT lead to the main design done. A video of the project can be viewed here.
The Employee Journey project was a new experience for me, I had not created a digital application before. I learnt how to make clickable prototypes in Marvel, which can be viewed here. Additionally, I had a chance to learn about User Interface design, programming and Graphic design from my colleagues. The project used Scrum Methodology. Within the Scrum I was the Product Owner and therefore I was in charge of communication with the KLM stakeholders as well as presenting progress and maintaining and organizing the project backlog.
We created an application for KLM’s supervisory staff. Specifically, to aid shift leaders with passenger transfer. The first objective was to create a more accessible overview with available information, Then actions were created to use that overview to help passengers that are running late. Shown below are some pictures of the project, as well as a touchpoint journey. The touchpoint journey explains actions shift leaders can take to aid passenger transfer. The project was finalized with a presentation at KLM. To present the prototype a board game was created, this is the main design of my Master thesis. KLM’s VP Passenger Services (Maarten Koopmans) was at the presentation, he liked the concept and presentation method and asked us to come back to present to KLM’s Management Team including the COO!
The project was a great opportunity to try something new and the result was better than any of the team could have hoped for.

Research at KLM.


Presenting at testen-bij-medialab

Presenting at KLM. test-1

Touchpoint journey.f_orange-pax-copy


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