About me



I have done a master Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. My master track was Human Technology Relations. The main focus of this master was to learn how to design with different contexts in mind. Industrial Design Engineering is multidisciplinary and covers things like product design, graphic design, prototyping and various engineering aspects.

Since an early age I have always been interested in creating new things. My aspirations then were to be an inventer, I enjoyed drawing and other creative activities. When I graduated middle school I decided to do a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. During a Minor in Industrial Design I felt like in my Bachelor I missed an outlet for visual creativity. Two years before I finished my Bachelor I got back into drawing to fill the creative void I felt at Mechanical Engineering. After my Bachelor I decided to continue my creative resurgence and to do a Master in Industrial Design Engineering.

To me, good design facilitates innovation. I aspire to create design that aids the adoption of technology.

Now, at the end of an Internship in China and an Internship in Amsterdam, I have finished multiple design projects and learnt where my interests lie. I am currently looking for work in England, so if you’re interested in hiring or would just like to know more: Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

I can offer references on request.

CV-Freddy Ramaker


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